My Girlfriend’s Best Friend Has Fallen for Me


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I’m a final year student of Takoradi Technical University. My girlfriend used her best friend as bait to trap me and she has now hit on the bait.

Now her friend has fallen for me and always calling to ask when she can come around for sex. I used to talk with my girlfriend’s best friend but I had never seen her before. Both of them are nurses. When I am talking with my girlfriend the friend will greet me and say “hi” on phone. My girlfriend always complained that I am cheating on her and one day she will surely get me. I didn’t take her words seriously because she’s that type who always complained and that’s what I don’t like about her.

A beautiful girl sent me a friend request on Facebook. Charley the girl dey bea roooof (she’s very attractive) back side check, hips check, breast check. How I for do? I accepted the request and she started chatting me but I didn’t reply her. She kept on sending me messages until one day I replied her back thinking that maybe she knows me. I had midnight bundle so I chatted all nicely with her and things started getting interesting.

The next day very early in the morning she called me. I was not even awake when she asked me to come on Facebook because she doesn’t like talking on phone.

I switched on my data and we started again. She asked me whether I’m dating and I told her yes I am dating. I asked her the same thing and she said something like that. I laughed and asked whose girlfriend is playing with the lion ?.

I wanted to know more about her boyfriend so I replied, “what do you mean by something like that?” and she said her boyfriend is the world’s leader in w

womanizing. I told her every man is a womaniser including myself. She laughed and said, “you’re funny.” So I asked her what was on her mind and she replied the boy is like a dog who follows every girl he sees especially the ones with big ass. I replied that’s my favourite too and she laughed saaah. She continued with, “I don’t like him again.” I told her to give him more chance he will change.

I was late for lectures so I told her I was going for lectures and she asked which time will I close. By 3:00 I will be home. Exactly 3:00 on the dot she called me and ask me to come on Facebook! Ahhh this girl can worry. I didn’t want to chop someone’s girl but she will do saaaaah then I chop am ? We chatted from 3:00pm to 1am that I even forgot to eat koraa. I asked her for a video call and this girl was in undies. My God. Sorry. Thou shall not call God’s name in vain.?

Charley from that night I prayed that, “Father please forgive me for this sin because I’m just a Human. I can’t resist this one. Ago chop am.” Auntie I never knew the girl was my girlfriend’s best friend. We had naughty chats and she even sent me hot pics, we had phone sex and things. I traveled from school to Accra because of her and we almost have sex; touching and blow job and things but she told me it’s our first time meeting.

The problem here now is she told my girlfriend that what she had been saying about me is true, I am cheating but she didn’t tell her about our meeting. My girlfriend called and started making noise that she just set a small trap for me and now she has got me. That the girl I’d been talking to was her friend. Charley yawa oooo. Hmmm the next day, the friend called me but I didn’t pick up. She messaged me that she is very sorry for what happened because she was sent to test me.

She said my girlfriend told her she doesn’t trust me but she, the friend, is interested in me. I am so romantic. She likes the way I kiss and give her the head so she’s now ready for hot one. She even sent me pictures of herself naked on bed just for me to see she’s ready for me. The girl is beautiful that though I am angry at her, I can let this go. I’m now confused. Now my girlfriend too is angry and doesn’t pick my calls. She trusts her friend more than me.

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Written by Abena Magis

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