My Girlfriend Wants To Buy Our House from Me


I’ve dated my girlfriend for almost 2 and a half years now though we hardly meet because I’m in a different country. My girlfriend is a divorced woman with 3 children and I have 1 female child.

When we first met, she told me she had only one kid. I was okay with it and my spiritual father who is also my biological Father met her and boldly told me she is my wife. Her mom who is also very powerful prayer woman also said same. My father is now late too.

Along the line, I found out that my lady had 3 children instead of the 1 she told me before. She kept apologizing and wept for 4 days but I forgave her because my mom also married my stepfather with me and my sister and they married for 30 years till my mom died.

Auntie Abena my major problem now is my lady’s father was selling his land so I told him I wanted to buy it. He told me since I’m dating his daughter and we’re both ready to marry, he will take the money after we reach the finishing stage so the land documents and building plan all bears our names; myself and my woman.

Auntie Abena we just finished with the ground floor of our building because it’s a storey building. I spent time building this relationship and the building. Her kids are my concern that was why I opted for a storey building so everyone can have their own room but now, my lady is saying she can’t continue with me. She wants to take over the building and pay my money back in installments. All because I told her not to send any member of my family money without my consent.

That’s because she sent my late mom money for her hospital bills sometime ago when I was outside. Upon my return I didn’t have peace because she kept demanding for the money back only to reject it when I tried to pay back.

Just last 2 days, she sent me messages that she sent my sister some money which made me angry. I asked her why must she do that without informing me because I don’t want any argument between her and myself concerning my family. She also got angry and said a lot to me which I have forgiven her because there is no relationship without arguments.

My parents are dead and I am only left with myself and my sister. Because I didn’t want her to disrespect my sister in future because of the money she sent her, I warned her not to send her money again without my consent. This made her say all these about the building so I asked her if it was a planned thing between herself and her dad. Could it be the reason why the man always insisted we finish the building before we pay for the land?

Please what should I do now? She wants to buy the building from me and I’m really confused! I will be reading comments. Thank you.

Written by Abena Magis

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