My Girlfriend Wants to be an Undertaker


I want manofans to help me here. Firstly, is it normal for your girlfriend to fancy texting, audio and video calling more than being with you one on one?

We’ve been dating for more than 2 years but we live in different regions, I’m working and she’s an NSS personnel. She won’t visit me neither will she let me visit too. She aways comes up with excuses to avoid being around me. This is someone who claims to love me too oo.

She’s really good with texts, calls (both audio and video) but whenever I want to see her, we have to get into a fight. Yes it’s that serious. She doesn’t have any definite reason for that because she won’t let me come to her end as well. Sometimes it takes 4-5 months before I see her and that will only be after we’ve had a serious fight at the verge of breaking up.

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Now the second part is that, I really love her and we have plans to settle down hopefully next year. She did marketing at the tertiary and has a little bit of fashion background but this girl wants to ditch all that and venture into funeral undertaking and not just that, she wants to bath and dress dead bodies!

It started as a joke but she kept emphasizing on it that saying it has always been her dream right from infancy. I have tried all means to talk her out of this ridiculous decision of hers but she still insists that’s what she wants. I’m ready to support and invest in her fashion skills or any other thing, apart from bathing and dressing the dead.

Honestly I’m the kind of person who can’t even stand the sight of a seriously injured person not to talk of the dead. Moreover that’s not what she studied. I won’t be able to eat her food if she starts this line of work.

Long story short, we’ve broken up because none of us is ready to compromise. I feel very bad about this as I feel hurt. I don’t know if she feels the same way but she seems to be cool with it all. I want to know if I was being too harsh or trying to shut her dreams? Am I not entitled to opinions about the person I plan to spend my life with? This is my predicament. My regards.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. I bet I couldn’t stop laughing when the dead body issue came up in your story, lol. Funny as it seems to be, that’s her chosen profession. It is not always that you have to apply your field of study directly. The concept of the university is to make you universal in any chosen field you find yourself. You may need to engage her further if you still love her. You may both come to a consensus.

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