My Girlfriend Wants Me to Be Her Bestie


I have been in a relationship with a lady for 2 years. We agreed on no sex after marriage. I have a daughter and she also has a son. She was once married but the guy isn’t in Ghana and due to some misunderstandings they are no more together.

I’m working but I don’t earn enough, my monthly salary is GH¢350($58) a month cedis. She is in one of the private universities and in level 200. I fell madly in love with this lady since day one I saw her at my work place. Although she is older than me but age is just a number.

The little I have I do share it with her. Even if I don’t have, I make sure I provide for her. I have been there for her through her difficulties and have never left her alone. Will you believe I have never kissed her before? She doesn’t know even where I stay but I know where she stays.

Just recently I started facing some financial difficulties in life but she could go weeks without calling or chatting me. She later told me a guy is interested in her and wants to marry her and her father is giving her pressure to do it. I asked her that didn’t she tell him she is in a relationship, she said she told him but he still insists.

The guy isn’t in Ghana, he is in the States. I asked her if she is interested in the guy which she said yes and so she is dating two guys at the same time. That the love she has for me is 80 percent and the guy’s is 70 percent. She is saying she wants to finish giving birth before she completes school. That the guy is serious and wants to marry her.

She told me she has chosen the guy over me so I should be her bestie. I also told her I’m not interested to be her bestie and that I will back off for her to be with the guy. Is it because of money or because the guy is in the States that’s why she left me for him?

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Written by Abena Magis

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