My Girlfriend Wants to Friendzone Me


I have been in a relationship for 3 years now. We are going into the 4th year. My girlfriend when I met her told me a story about herself that got me emotionally attached to her. So much that promised I will do anything for her to make her happy. She is the only child of the father but I later on got to know that most of the stories she told me were lies. She keeps denying some of them till today.

I love this girl so much that we established an organization together. Within 2 years the organization has helped more than 2000 girls in rural communities. I don’t put myself in the picture because I have my personal stuffs doing but I’m the main frame of the organization. I do almost all the work from websites, photography to graphics design which keep our pages active.

She is the one everybody sees to be doing the work and gets all the accolade. The NGO has a bright future and she is mostly the one people see running the organization but I’m the brain behind almost everything that goes on. We relocated to Accra for her to write an exam so she could go and do her masters outside.

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When we got to Accra everything changed. People I never knew existed in her life started popping up. She started flirting with guys whom she feels can offer her something better than what I have to offer.

As it stands now she is trying to friendzone me because another guy is coming in. Actually I was thinking we were both building something together so I stopped my work just my energy into the organization. I did everything out of love. Now I have drained myself trying to make her Happy which has affected my work. Now she thinks I’m not good for her anymore.

She is seeing other guys which I complain about and she is trying to friendzone me so I won’t complain if she is flirting with other guy’s. She doesn’t think about us but always thinks about herself. And she feels once she is able to make it she will come back and buy me off with expensive gifts.

I’ve spent so much on the organization just to keep it going. She said she doesn’t want to have a relationship with me anymore but she wants to be around me. As I type this, she is on the same bed with me. What should I do?

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Written by Abena Magis

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