My Girlfriend Slept with Another Man Because of Her Mum


I’m really new to this. I need an advise from you and your fam. There’s this girl I have been dating for a while now although things ain’t perfect as it should between us in terms of finance.

There was a time my girl lied to me about a new phone she was using. I asked her about it a lot of times but she said her mom gave it to her until I found out that a different man bought her the phone. I had to force her several times before she confessed!

A few month later around 4am, I called her number and a guy picked claiming to be the boyfriend. In the morning I asked my girl whom the guy was but she managed to lie to me by coming up with a whole different story claiming it was her brother who came to visit her and said he’s her boyfriend as a joke.

I quickly went to their family house to ask if her brother was home or with my girl. When I got there, he was at home which meant she lied to me. I called and confronted her and she came up with another lie. I had to do my own investigations before finding out she was lying again. This time around I was already pissed off because I wanted to know the truth of this whole matter and I had to involve her close friend before she told me.

According to her, she had to sleep with the guy for some money to help her mom out. Truly her mom is facing some issues I won’t want to talk about. Now she’s saying she’s sorry and still wants me. My problem is how sure am I that what she said about her mom is the truth?

I don’t know if accepting her back is the right decision for me. I don’t know what to do now. Please help me out and because of the lies she told me, I’m sure this has been going on for a while. I’m confused don’t know if I should accept her or just move on.

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Written by Abena Magis

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