My Girlfriend Likes Money too Much


I have been dating my girlfriend for 3 years now, this year is our fourth. Our relationship was ok in the beginning. Just like every relationship, we had our good and bad times from time to time but we managed to solve them in one way or the other. There were times I’d just apologize even when i wasn’t wrong just because I wanted peace to prevail so we move on with the relationship.

Auntie Abena, I acknowledge the fact that we are both not perfect. There are times I offend her and the vice versa. We’ve always managed to come to a peaceful agreement even after she threatened to break up with me over petty issues. Hmm. That aside, I had just started working with one of the financial institutions but due to Covid and the lockdown last year, there was downsizing and I lost my job. To be honest things haven’t been easy, but we’ve managed to keep our heads above water.

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Before i lost my job, we started planning marriage and we agreed to start working on our life’s journey gradually. In December last year, she asked for GHS1,200 to fix her hair, nails and sew some dresses for the Christmas. I didn’t have the money but I wanted to make her happy so I reluctantly agreed. I managed to give her half of it the week she asked for it. In my current state of not knowing when the jobs I’ve applied for or attended interviews will call me to start work, or when next my side gig is going to bring money, she’s demanding the balance of the money.

I’ve tried calling and explaining to her that I don’t currently have it but I’d give it to her as soon as I have it but she’s failing to understand. A few days before valentine, she wanted us to go spend a weekend at a beach resort. I told her I couldn’t afford that but we could go to a nice affordable place right here in Accra. She declined and has been giving me attitude since. When I call or text her she’s rude or very snobbish. Mind you, she’s gainfully employed.

Auntie Abena, I’m confused about my girlfriend and the relationship.
Please advise me.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Bro, where lies the confusion? Can’t you see those red flags? If she is sensitive to your plight, then this is the time she needs to comfort you and give you hope rather than the unnecessary demands. You are lucky you are just in a relationship and not married. She will leave you one day and things are not clicking so let her go.

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