My Girlfriend Keeps Cursing Herself


There is this girl that I’ve been dating for almost two years now. Everything seemed to worked out well for the two of us until she confessed to me last month that she had been cheating on me with another guy and I should forgive her. I forgave her because she sounded very remorseful.

Later on her big sister called me and told me that my girl is still seeing that same guy to the extent of sleeping over at the guy’s place. I asked my girlfriend and she told me she just paid the guy a visit and he locked her up in his room and raped her which obviously was false.


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Now my problem is, last week she called me to swear (a decision she took by herself) that she will avoid the guy. Just last night I called her and her phone was off. I had to call her sister around 9:30 pm to find out where the girl is and the sister said the guy came for her meaning she will sleep over.

Funny enough my girlfriend will be the first person to call me tomorrow morning and as usual tell me her cooked up stories. She wants me to believe that the guy has cast a spell on her but her excuses are too sweet for my liking.

So, ladies wey takashie vim paa you guys get saa no like cursing yourself and going ahead to do that same thing within the same week? Herrr 🤔🤔

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Written by Abena Magis

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