My Girlfriend is Treating Me the Way I Used to Treat Her


Good evening and the noble member on this platform. Auntie I’m sorry to come into your inbox at this odd hour. Please I have a delicate issue i need you and your fans to help on.

Auntie I’m young man of 27 and dating this 21 year old lady. We have dated for close to 3 years and I met her through a colleague I used to work for. My girlfriend is the daughter of my colleague’s elder sister. Auntie when we started dating things were moving on well with me, this girl loved me dearly. I could see and sense her undying love for me.

I equally loved her and the relationship was moving fine. We could talk all day without being short of words. Our conversation was on point and any little chance I got at work I would call my girlfriend for us to talk. It was the same with her, every least opportunity that came her way, she wanted us to talk. She sometimes skipped classes just to talk with me and that’s when I’m off from work.

Auntie our love story changed when I lost a huge money to Menzgold. I was drained, sad and didn’t know what to do with my life. I changed totally, I wasn’t calling anymore but she never gave up on our love. She was the one calling all the time, even though I refused answer her calls, neither did I return her missed calls.

The time that I picked her calls was either I shout at her or talk harshly to her. She still did not give up auntie. As young a student as she was, she supported me in the little way she could during my crisis. She would buy credits for me but I wouldn’t call her. If she calls too, I would shout at her or talk harshly and end the call. In short i really treated her badly in my trying times.

The treatment was very bad to the extent that sometimes my words seemed like insult. She endured it until she couldn’t anymore so she gave me space.
Auntie I came back to my senses last year when things started picking up for me. By God’s grace things are moving on fine. I’m 80% done with my house, I have imported a car for myself and I have some few investments too.

Now when things started picking last year, I went back to my woman to apologize and ask her for us to come back. She didn’t want to but I managed to convince her and she accepted. Auntie I saw a different person. She doesn’t call and if we talk, she talks to me harshly. We don’t talk on phone and the little time we do, it’s either she is shouting at me or talking to me harshly. She sometimes insults me.

In fact she is giving me quadruple the treatment I gave her during my crisis days. Auntie I can’t count the number of times we have broken up since last year. Our last break-up was during this year’s vals. I took her out and after the outing I asked her if we should spend the night at my place so we talk about every issue concerning the relationship. Come and see attitude auntie, she gave it to me well well. She talked harshly to me and was shouting at me oooo. I couldn’t take it so i called for a breakup which she gladly accepted. I tried moving on but it’s not working because I have come to love the girl more than I used to do.

I have tried other relationship but it did not work. We broke up one time and I called to ask for a come back but my girlfriend told me unless i give her 2,000 cedis to buy a phone before she accepts me back. Honestly speaking the money wasn’t an issue but she making it a condition before she accepts me back was what made me not give her the money. I wanted her to allow us to come back with no condition.

Auntie to make things short I called her a few weeks to apologize and ask her for us to come back together. She said she will finish her exams some days ago so I should call her. I called her that evening and the treatment was worse than before. Her choice of words and tone of her voice was so uncalled for. When she finished addressing me I asked her why this attitude and she said I made her that way, the kind of treatment I gave her during my trying times made her who she is now and it’s true because my girlfriend was never like this.

Auntie what do you and your fans advice me to do. Do I stick around and try my best to change her to how she used to be or I should move on. If I’m to move on how do i go about it because I have tried on several occasions and it did not work. I love this girl to the core and I want a better relationship with her now that things are fine now..

Auntie treat it a matter of urgency because I’m dying inside. Sorry for the long post.

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Written by Abena Magis

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