My Girlfriend is Too Close with Her Best Friend


Sorry for bothering you this early morning. It’s about my girlfriend of 3 years. She has this male friend who sends her his pictures almost every day. Whenever I complain, she tells me they are childhood friends and he sending her his pictures doesn’t mean anything. I understand they were friends before I came into the scene but this isn’t something I like.

I don’t have any problem if she keeps male friends but what’s the essence of having one who is always sending her his pictures? He is married too and sometimes my girlfriend’s comment on his pictures is heartbreaking to me.

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Eg, “you look very sweet today, my finest and handsome boy” etc.

Please what should I do? Am I exaggerating?Abena, not only does he send my girlfriend his pictures oo, he tells my friend everything he does.

Sending messages like, “Ohemaa, I’m going out, ohemaa, I’m eating, ohemaa, I’m about sleeping” etc. I need advice on what to do about this.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Relationships must have communicated boundaries for they are necessary for partners to have a healthy relationships. Healthy boundaries in a relationship do not come naturally hence the need to be clearly defined. They are critical in creating good relationships. It’s totally understood to have a longtime friend of the opposite sex and communicates from time to time but there must be boundaries to allow partners to feel comfortable and develop positive self-worth. The deeper the communication gets, the deeper web it creates and sometimes it turns out to question your partners trust. I’ll advice you clearly let her understand the importance of boundaries in your relationship and not appear as though you’re being over possessive. I bet if you’re to go out often with your female friend, she’d understand what it means to have boundaries. Good luck!

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