My Girlfriend is Judging me from my comments


Good morning. Hope you are blessed. Please I have a huge problem. I have dated this lady for a year now. She’s in a nursing school now while I’m unemployed after having been laid off from work.

I was soo depressed but thanks be to God a friend introduced me to your Manokekame page.and frankly speaking it has really helped me.

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I always go there to read and have fun so I also introduced my woman to the page but since then, anytime we’re sharing ideas on the page and someone mentions or tags me in a post she’ll come to WhatsApp and rain insults on me.

Just yesterday I passed a funny comment about booty calls and auntie the kind of words this lady of mine used on me… ???? ???? ????

This not the 1st time and I think I have to let her go because she’s in school and I am home, having no one to talk to here. I can’t let depression kill me. Your page is where I have fun so why all these? She can’t oppress me. It’s too much.

She should know it’s all for fun. Please help me????????

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Written by Abena Magis

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