My Girlfriend is Getting Married to Another Man


Greetings to you and your noble fans. I met this lady at the nursing training college 3 years ago. We loved each other to the extent that she had to leave where she was renting to move in with me.

While on campus, all our mates and some tutors knew we were dating because we did everything together. When we were about completing, this lady started singing a chorus to me day in day out, “go and ask for my hand in marriage.’

I didn’t succumb to that because my only source of income was allawa which I knew for sure wouldn’t have been able to take care of us. I asked her to be a little patient with me. Immediately after our last paper, she became so emotional and when I tried finding out, I realized she was insecure.

She said she was afraid of losing me and now that we both are returning to our various homes, she might lose me to a different person. I however reassured her of my love towards her and my intentions to marry her when life gets better. We dispersed to our various abode after this understanding.

After I got home, life after school wasn’t easy so I had to move to Accra all the way from the North in search of greener pastures. I had informed her about my intention to travel so she was aware. When I moved to Accra, I didn’t get a call from her which was strange to me. However, I called to let her know I had a safe journey.

Days went by as I was busy trying to see what life had to offer me in my new environment, this lady never called. I called her to find out if everything was alright and she answered in affirmation. She also told me that she had been employed to work in a boutique which I said that was good news. I paused calling her to see if she’ll call me back but two weeks went by, three weeks I didn’t hear from this lady.

Just this evening a friend of mine called to inform me that my girlfriend is getting married to her boss (the boutique owner). He even said she’s pregnant so they’re trying to get married quickly before people notice she’s pregnant.

My question is what should I do? Should I just let go or I should find out from her what went on wrong because my intentions for her was pure. What if it’s true but she lies that it’s not true? That’s the dilemma that am in.????????

Written by Abena Magis

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  1. My bro. Let it go oook for some ladies I dint even know waz wrong with them.. Some think everything is money money so de little hardship dey go through dey need to overturn but daz wrong.
    Just tune ur mind n move on
    God willing u ll get a better person to marry n we see from there

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