My Girlfriend is Cheating With Her Ex


I’ve been with this gal for more than 5 years and she still can’t get over her ex.
Recently she started schooling and I bought her a new phone worth GHS2,000. I added some groceries too yet she still called her ex for extra money before leaving for school. When I confronted her she asked, “haven’t you seen someone seriously vibing with an ex before?”

Her family supports her all the time. Whenever there’s an issue concerning her ex they’re ever ready to jump on her side. The guy left for UK ?? about a year ago and she started acting strange towards me. Now he is back in Ghana ?? and this gal has always been giving me one excuse to the other.

The most painful thing is I don’t have anyone to run to, her family supports her since she’s milking I and the other guy so they’re cool. When I heard the guy was back in Ghana ?? I deliberately messaged her using a different number and pretended to be him. Lo and behold this lady couldn’t control herself.

I lied to her that I was shopping ? for her and she even gave me the size of her bra as size 36 ?. She even added some items which the family too needs. When I asked to see her, she gave me the address to her hostel and warned me never to let anyone know.???? All this while she didn’t realize I was the one.

Fast forward someone gave me a hint at her campus that she’s seeing another guy.
Usually I change her phone ? for her almost every 6-10 months and give her money for her upkeep. I’ve been providing one iPhone after another. I’m just so responsible yet this gal wouldn’t reason with me.

I called the guy and acted like her brother. I asked him if he knows my sister (which is the gal) and his answer made me almost collapse. The guy said the lady was chasing him everywhere and, fighting other gals over him. He said that one time, she visited him and saw a number calling which he presumed was her boyfriend but she was like, “shhhh ? It’s my big brother. I don’t want him to hear your voice.” So when I later went there to celebrate her birthday ? that was when he saw me and decided to quit with her. Auntie the guy said this same lady came back crying to him to accept her back.

Recently someone also showed me a picture of her supposed ex with his serious girlfriend but her family sees him as a messiah. Thank God I’m healing from this bulls. The family be bad pass especially the mother. She always vibes with whoever has money ? at their disposal. She doesn’t care even if 10 guys comes as long as you’ve money ? you’re free to come in for her daughter.

I decided to quit and move on but now the family is making me feel like the the bad person.


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Written by Abena Magis

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