My Girlfriend Doesn’t Want Us to Help Our Tenants

My Girlfriend Doesn’t Want Us to Help My Tenants


Please keep me anonymous.

I’m outside and staying with my girlfriend. We live with a Zimbabwean and this other African lady. They’re all renting from us. My Ghanaian girlfriend has started giving me problems here.

The problem is this Zimbabwean guy is a civil engineer and a well off man but has recently started experiencing financial problems. The other African lady’s husband was shot dead. We agreed to let them stay until they find their feet again and also assist them in our own small way but now my girlfriend doesn’t want them around anymore.

As a result of that she keeps all her monies to herself and has added more financial responsibilities to mine saying I traveled here to fool. Unfortunately I have plans of marrying her this September in Ghana but she’s now giving me doubts.

Please is it advisable to go on with her and this attitude?

Please inform me when your fans start advising.

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Written by Abena Magis

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