My Girlfriend Doesn’t Want to Pay the Money


There is something eating me up for which I need you and your level-headed fans to help me out. I have been dating this lady for a year now.

When we met, I told her about my previous relationship (how I spent on a lady who finally went to sleep with my own friend). Due to that I was afraid to love like I used to do.

Four months down the line, I realised I have fallen so deep for her. I went to meet her mum.(since she’s staying with her) and some of her siblings. I made them aware I was going out with their daughter and sister. They do allow her to visit me and I do too.

A few months later, she told me her mum used to do a certain business but due to her ill health, she had been advised to stop. So she would like to revive the business since her mum is no more doing it. By then, i was not having enough money but someone’s was with me so I topped it up since the owner didn’t want it anytime soon. I made her aware the money wasn’t mine and so when she sells, she should save so she can pay it in bit (only the one I topped up with).

After a month, I asked if she had saved something but she said no. I asked why but she did not give me any tangible reason. Along the lane, she stopped giving me the attention she used to. When I call, she tells me she’s busy and so we should talk later. I would exercise patience and wait till somewhere around 10:00pp but when I call again, she would tell me she’s feeling sleepy and wants to sleep.

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I started feeling uneasy since it was unusual of her before she started that work. I realised she now changed her hairstyle every two weeks..She wouldn’t call me as usual and would always complain she doesn’t have airtime and data bundle but I will still send it to her. Her attitude worsened for which I couldn’t tolerate it anymore. I asked her to tell me if she’s no more interested in the relationship and she said she doesn’t know. Ih felt sorry for myself for a moment and begged her not to leave me for I don’t want to start a new relationship.

I can’t remember offending her so if there is anything I have done unknowingly, I want to apologize for her to forgive me. She claims she holds nothing against me and it’s just that she’s not getting the time to call due to the business. I saw my phone rang one afternoon and she was the one on it. She greeted and what followed was “I need a new phone but I don’t want an android brand!”

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Auntie Abena, I became speechless for some time and told her to call me later. I sat and thought about the whole issue but couldn’t get any answer. Anytime I ask her how much she has saved since the time was approaching for the owner to come for his money, she gets angry. She could stay for three days without calling me until i do. I realised she was no more interested. I then asked that she sends the money to me so I refund it to the owner. To my surprise, she said she will not pay and so we should break up!

Auntie, this is someone I have made up my mind to take to the altar! I really do love her but her attitude is always “below the belt.” If I complain, she will talk to me in a rude manner. I’m just confused and don’t know what to do at moment????????

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Man forget about de money, find a way to pay it back now before it get to an embarrassing state.
    The she is going abt her life style, she will put u into a bigger debt very soon.

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