My GFs Brother is Taunting Me to Fight Him


I hope you are good. Please keep the good work you are doing. I’m your number one fan since last year. Please post this to your fans for me. I have been in a relationship with this girl for 8 months amd I want to share the rest of my life with her. We were friends before we fell in love.

She has an older brother who is just a year older than her. I know him but we are not close friends anymore because he hates me for dating her and says bad things about me which are not true to their mother.

My problem is that he always wants to beat her up anytime he tries to force her to do something she does not want to do. I approached him as a concerned boyfriend and spoke to him about it in a calm way not to force her to do things. She is old enough to make her own discussions and told him that sometimes his sister feels about what he is doing to her is wrong.

One night she came back from work and had exchange of words with him because she told him to use the word please before she will do what he told her to do but not to force her. He took it in a bad way and hit her in the face. After that, he locked her outside the house. (Their dad is dead and their mom is far from home working, only comes home on weekend).

When my girlfriend came and told me that night about what had happened, I got angry and made her sleep over at my place. The next day, I went to their house and spoke to her brother about. I told him to do what is right as a brother but not to hit her again cause she is a woman and anything can happen to her. I warned him that the next time such a thing happens I will also exercise my right as her boyfriend to defend her and face him like a man. She has already given me the right to help her anytime the brother tries to hit her.

So my girlfriend’s brother hit her again yesterday and called her all sort of names. Then he told her to come and tell me but that he will also beat the hell out of me too. This guy am talking about too, I can only use my one hand to discipline him but I just respect him as a friend and brother-in-law to be. I don’t want him to lose his respect as an elder brother to the sister too. What should I do? I will be reading comments. Thank you ????????

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Written by Abena Magis

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