My FWB Insists on Paying Me Money

Good morning. I have an issue that I will need advice from your Mano fans. I have this girl who happens to be my ex-girlfriend. This thing is we are now friends with benefits even though I’m in a relationship and so is she. Anytime we meet, we have sex anywhere and everywhere.

Just recently, we had an issue which she said I’m now her ordinary friend and I said same too out of anger. The issue is all those moments when she asked me to buy her something I did without asking for money but after that incident she asked me to buy her an inhaler because she was having a cold.

I jokingly said unless she sends me money to do the purchase and she sent it. I bought her the inhaler and added her 10cedis and gave it to someone to deliver. She called and asked why I had to return the money. To which I said even though we ain’t that close like we were I wouldn’t take her money for that reason.

She insisted and I told her that if she wants to pay me for the service rendered then my time wasted will be 100 cedis in addition to the inhaler. Can you imagine she came to my house this morning with the 110 cedis? I’m confused because she knows I was joking but I think she is being serious and I don’t know what to do.

I can’t send the money though momo because she is owing mtn and all attempts to get her the money back is backfiring. What should I do? I need advice.

Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Lol my bro as I dey now err i need money urgently for something that could move me to the next level and since you don’t know what to do with it biko no offense send it to me pls.God will bless you and step into this issue thank you

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