My Future In-Law Has Rejected Me.


Good afternoon Auntie Abena and the mano fans. Please God bless you and the fans for the good advice being given to people.

There is an issue which is eating me up and I want the fans to help me out. There is a lady I met and we have dated for 2 years. After 2 years, I realised she is the lady I want as wife.

We are known to both families as well but Antie, I have been to my lady’s parents house on several occasions and I’m always welcome there. Just last week Wednesday, my parents went there to seek for the list and the father of my girlfriend told my parents he want to have a word with me before. So, they can go and he will let them know after talking to me.

So I went there after my dad told me to listen to whatever he wants to ask me. To my surprise, he asked me the kind of work I do and I answered. Later, he askee me my salary and I answered 1000 cedis… After these two questions the father concluded I can’t take care of his daughter.

So therefore, he will not agree or give me a chance to marry his daughter. My parent went there but still…. The lady too has pleaded but still no. But here is the case the mother of my fiancée is ready to bless us to do secret court marriage. I want to ask: is it adviceble to do that regardless of the rejection of the father?

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