My Friend’s Girl’s Phone


Good morning. A friend of mine bought a phone for his girlfriend because she kept complaining about her spoilt phone. So as my friend bought the phone, he told the girlfriend that whatever she will do on the phone will appear on his. My Friend did that just to shake her small?? Nothing too will show on his phone too ??

The girl resides in Kumasi and the boy is in Accra. So my friend gave the phone to the girl and returned back to Accra. He then returned to Kumasi after 2 weeks without informing the girlfriend. NOTE: They were staying together before he went to Accra. So as my friend went there, he saw the phone he bought for her girlfriend in the room.

Auntie not knowing the girl didn’t use the phone my friend bought for her because of what my friend said. Now she is using a second phone. He called her and asked her why she’s not using the phone he bought for her and who gave her the phone she is using? ? She was quiet on the phone without Talking. Does this mean she is cheating?
Please let your fans help him here ?

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Written by Abena Magis

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