My Friend’s Girlfriend Dumped Him Because of Me


I read the story of the guy whose friend’s wife asked him for money and wouldn’t want the husband to know. She may be in dire need of the assistance but I’d urge him to thread very cautiously. Back in Varsity, my friend banged his best friend’s woman and we always held it against him for such monstrous act.

Fast forward to today, I’ve found myself in a similar situation. I’m narrating my story not that I’m proud of it but to let my fellow males know how situations can escalate especially when your friend’s woman is involved.

I met this lady in my friend’s apartment and asked if she was my guy’s woman. She said “no” and I kinda liked her so we exchanged contacts. Note that this happened whilst my man was outside the room.

Later, I asked him about the lady in question and upon hesitation, told me she was his woman. My friend told me about all the problems he had with his woman so I knew what was going on.

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The lady also complained to me about her guy and I was some sort of mediator, trying to settle their disputes. My friend’s woman visited me for the first time after she had had a quarrel with her guy. Her guy didn’t know about this visit. Sensing I might tell my friend, she first confessed to him. My guy was hurt but faked he was OK.

That’s when I decided to cut the friendship with his woman short. I called her and asked her not to call me again because things were getting complicated. She wouldn’t listen. She’d call me severally until I would be forced to pick the call. She’d call at weird hours too. Eventually, I found myself reciprocating.

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She’d call on festive occasions to ask for gifts and if I turned her down for fear of upsetting my friend, she’d tell me I was only making excuses just because I didn’t want to give. Hence, I started giving her a few presents every now and then. All these were hurting my friend. She visited me on another occasion and before we knew it, we had had sex. This lady was now into me and wouldn’t accept a break off.

She later told her guy about everything that went on and asked him to forget about her, as she was now with me. Such an awkward situation for all parties and especially, hurting for my friend. I went directly to him and apologized for the hurt and pain I caused him. He once again pretended to be OK but complained bitterly to our mutual friends amidst threats of the harm he would cause to me.

He’d call his woman (now ex) and start drama so she’d in return verbally abuse him and all that. At times, I try to leave her as her ex still wants her back but she’d beg me not to. This situation is crazy and unpleasant guys, so watch it when dealing with your friend’s partner. We are far weaker than we think and simple gestures of kindness may be all it takes to lead somebody on. Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis

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