My Friend’s Fiancé is My Lover


A guy dmed me one day and we started to get to know each other. Around that same time I became very close to a friend in church. Little did I know that this my friend’s fiance was my new boyfriend. It was later I got to know. They’re currently courting because they’re done with their counseling and waiting to get married this November.

Recently my friend’s fiance began to like my stories and comments again. It seems I’m deeply in love with him. We’re planning to meet and have sex again because I am desperate to have a feel of him one more time

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He’s a good guy and supports me very well financially. I normally visit my friend at her fiancé’s place. Whenever she excuses herself to go and do something, we kiss and get into the mood very fast before she returns. I’ve spoken to him severally that we should stop but it keeps happening. I’m his fiancee’s chief brides maiden and we are done preparing so many things for the wedding.

We’ve had sex on so many occasions in his house, hotels and sometimes go on vacation for 3days. He is very quiet and a very good Christian no one will think that about him. We normally meet in church but we don’t talk for even up to 10seconds. We only say Hi and that’s all but in private we have sex and do a lot of things.

My friend keeps telling me her fiancé is God-sent and that God created him just for her but I smile and overlook.

This guy she’s talking about can lick my pussy like a hungry beggar. He sometimes ends up licking my anus. Our sex life is fun but how do I stop? I’m preparing for my marriage too and I don’t want anything to come between my fiancé and I.

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My friend’s fiance is not using me because he gives me 500cedis every month including foodstuffs. He pays my rent, gives me money to send to my family, in fact he does everything for me. He paid for my birthday party expenses and was there with my friend because I invited them. The cake, drink, food, venue and everything worth of 3,000cedis.

How do I stop this? I feel am backstabbing my friend but it’s not my fault because we got together before I became close to her.
I don’t want any insult. Should I tell my friend or let the guy go? I’ve spoken to him but still…

It’s Friday and we’ve already planned to meet and have a special time as always and also have my monthly allowance with other items needed.

NB: I don’t have his number on my phone, my friend normally uses my phone to chat with him or call him but there’s nothing for her to suspect.

What should I do??? He has even given me 800cedis to buy heels, a bag and fix my hair for his wedding????‍♀️????‍♀️ What is happening??? There are more I can’t type but this is what I can say. Advise please

Written by Abena Magis

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