My Friend’s Ex Wants to Break Up Her Relationship

Aunty Abena God richly bless you. In fact I have learned a lot from this page. Thank you.

A lady friend of mine, 25 years, dated a man of 40 years. My friend is a teacher and the guy used to be a banker but due to the collapse of banks he lost his job before he met her. Whiles they were dating, she wanted to know what the guy was doing since he was mostly home. She later found out that he was a pastor.

This was during lock down. Churches were closed, no tithes or offering and he wanted to marry her. The lady being matured told him to start something since he can’t depend on the church’s income but this guy said, “ohh money go come from people’s tithes and offerings.” Chai, money for church? Hmmmm.The lady informed her mom about his intentions but the mom’s reply was he should get something doing aside the church. This guy’s tyre bursted and said the lady and her mom are after money.


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Last year January, he got my friend a teaching job. Fast forward to week two of the agreement (extra classes and t&t) between the owner of the school and my friend, such monies weren’t fulfilled so she quit and got herself one close by. Not knowing the school owner was the pastor’s girlfriend but my friend didn’t know.

Fast forward after quitting within just a week this so called man of God called her to break up on phone. She took it in good faith and moved on. Last year September, the pastor got married to his rich girlfriend. God being so good my friend too has met a fine, fresh, kind hearted gentle man who is down to earth with her.

Unknowingly my friend’s new guy is her ex’s bosom friend but the new guy didn’t know the pastor was dating my friend. When my friend realized the two of them knew each other, she opened up and told the guy about his pastor friend and their past relationship.

Just this week, could you believe the pastor called his friend to warn him that the lady is an opportunist and evil. He told New Guy to only sleep with her and leave her. Funny enough, he also said New Guy shouldn’t let the lady’s back view and legs lure him to marry her for she isn’t a wife material.

New Guy humbly told his friend that if the lady is even a prostitute he loves her and would keep her. He said, “bro don’t you think the right material went into the wrong tailors hands?”

Auntie Abena, what’s your take on this issue?

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