My Friend Wants Me to Sleep With Her Fiance


Good morning. Please help me with this dilemma I’m facing.

My closest friend came to me with a proposal which I find very weird. She is getting married early next year to someone she’s been dating for about six months now. She has made a personal vow that she’ll only have sex after marriage. She is still a virgin.

The man initially agreed to this condition, but now is asking for sex because he can’t control the urge anymore. This my friend then came to me with the plan to allow her man to sleep with me when he’s in the mood, since I’m not a virgin like her so she can keep him and also her virginity. I first thought she was joking but she’s been on it for a few days now and that tells me she’s serious.

She has promised to give me some good money each month, which I find very generous. I’m currently not in a relationship. My fear is that, what if this man becomes entangled with me and refuses to go ahead with their marriage? What if I also get feelings for him?

I’ve been thinking about it and I’m not sure what to do. The money is going to change so many things for me. I also don’t want to disappoint my friend since we’ve come a long way.

Please what do others think of this? We’re both 25 years. I’ll be reading comments for what to do.

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Written by Abena Magis

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