My Friend Tested Her with a Lie



Real men mostly use drama to know the true heart of a woman concerning them. I made a friend to dramatized for almost a year to ascertain the love of a lady for him. They are married with 3 kids now.

He loved her when they first met and she also loved him but, Auntie Abena he was afraid to open up because of earlier bad relationship experiences. I gave him a simple trick to find out what the lady doesn’t like in a man she wants to spend her life with.

He discovered that she has been advised and warned from home not to ever marry a single father or a man who’s a divorcé. According to her family the other woman will disturb her peace both spiritually and physically or the man may decide to go back to the other woman when he’s bored with her.

Then the drama began, for about 2 weeks I made him pretend to look so sad and disturbed whenever the lady came around. She kept asking what was wrong to the extend of asking me what was wrong with my friend but we both kept quiet.

I later advised my friend to go to her place at night, kneel before her and cry. Then tell her he really loved her but was afraid she will leave him that’s why he kept a secret from her. Then he should tell her he has 2 kids with a woman he wanted to marry but it didn’t work out. And add that the kids were with their mum.

My friend did exactly that and the lady cried her head off because she also loved my friend so much. I made him to distance himself a bit from her and observe her reactions. For the first week she didn’t talk to him, but started calling later to check up on him. Gradually they came back together though she was confused and hurt as to whether to choose her man or her family’s advice.

About 3-4 months later she asked of the kids and my friend showed her the kids of my elder sister. To our surprise the lady went and bought dresses, other stuffs and gave them to my friend to go and give them to the kids. She also advised him to visit them regularly since she hadn’t seen him doing regular visits there.

We chopped the money and I presented the dresses to my nephew and niece as their Christmas gifts????. I was shocked when she told me to advice my friend to take up his responsibilities concerning the kids because the mum alone can’t take care of 2 kids.

In about about 4 months time she fully accepted my friend’s proposal and even requested to go with him on his next visit to the kids. Now that she’d proved her love, it was time to spill the beans.

With the same process he went to her place as usual for dinner and after chatting for a while, told her to calm down because he wanted to tell her a shocking news. He disclosed the truth but she refused to believe it. I had to come in to tell her our whole plan but still she said we were lying, and that we wanted to hide the kids.

We had to finally take her to my friend’s mum to tell her the son has never given birth with any lady. When we left the mum’s place and got home, she called my friend’s name and as he turned she gave him a slap, pulled him closer and kissed him passionately. For my punishment, I was made to refund the money she gave us for the kids.????????????

They got married a year later and have been blessed with 2 boys and a girl now.
Lovers must take things easy and be the best they can towards their partners. Most people, especially men, are usually dramatic when they are not sure of the love of a woman for them.

Your adverse behaviour in dealing with your partner may make you lose a good man or woman who would’ve been a loving and responsible partner and a good dad/mother to your kids.

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Written by Abena Magis

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