My Friend Suddenly Doesn’t Like Him Again


Good day Abena to you and your mano fans. I’m a lady in my twenties. I’m the type of girl who used to really like guys with dreads or braids. I don’t know why but I liked them a lot. Also if you were a guy and you proposed to me, the first thing I considered was your physical appearance before other things.

Some years ago, there was a guy who proposed to me but I rejected him because he didn’t meet any of my options. A close female friend of mine who is like a sister advised me and told me to accept him and see how tins are gonna go.

According to her, all those fine boys I dated all didn’t do me any good. They rather hurt me because they all ended up cheating with the excuse, “what were you expecting me to do when the ladies are seriously crushing on me?” This led to de collapse of my previous two relationships.

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This sister from another mother really spoke some sense into my head which made me accept the guy I rejected because he wasn’t very good looking in terms of appearance. Honestly I didn’t love him at first when we started dating but as time went on, I’ve learned to love him very much and also accepted how he really looks. He is very good and provides everything a lady needs from her man. He’s a very busy person running his own business but he has never made me feel lonely even for once in the two and half years of our dating.

Late December last year, he asked me to be his wife which I accepted. His familywill be coming to meet mine this month. Out of joy I decided to inform my sister from another mother about the marriage proposal.

Auntie Abena, I was expecting her to be happy for me but realized she wasn’t. All she could tell me was that, am I for real? Do I wanna settle down with a guy who isn’t really handsome? She said I should just imagine the kids I’ll bring forth with this kind of guy in the near future and a whole lot of talks.

I was very much hurt by her words so I’ve decided to ignore her. For some weeks now, the good relationship I had with her has been stopped by me. I no longer communicate with her like how we used to do at first.

She’s now saying I’m been ungrateful. Auntie Abena, did I do the right thing? And is it necessary I be in good ties with her after hearing all these from her? And what is really her problem? Please help me ????

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Written by Abena Magis

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