My Friend is Getting Married but I Want My Money Back


Good evening  to you and manofans. Kindly post this for me na nsem foo eyɛ ahi ?? (some things can be annoying). I’ve always been reading but I guess today it’s my turn to post something that has really gotten me angry in the last 24 hours.

So this my old school mate (bride to be) sent me a message to tell me she’s getting married and later called to tell me that she wanted me to be part of her bridal team. I accepted and she added me to her group that had been created for that purpose

She even sent out her specifications of our dress codes which was
1. Gold shoe
2. 10-12” wave hair
3. GHS320 for our dress
She was going to take care of our makeup, earrings and robes.

Auntie Abena everything was going on well oo until she decided to disrespect me and my sister who also happened to be part, two hours to her wedding. So she had her Engagement on Thursday which I couldn’t attend sake of work (we had already discussed that I wasn’t going to make it ). The program was in Kumasi and I live and work in Tarkwa.

Fast forward on Thursday evening, I called her to wish her congrats on her Engagement and told her I would be coming on Friday morning for the Saturday program. She was ok with that and even added this whole gals hype thing then on Friday I set off to Kumasi. I sent her a message but she didn’t respond until I got to Kumasi and asked her again for the direction to her house. She sent me the location to her house

Aunty Abena this lady never called to find out if I was safe or why for hours I had not gotten to the house but I took that to be as a result of wedding pressure so I was not bothered. Apparently I had gone to town to fix my nails?? Fast forward, I called the Seamtress to ask her when I could come for fitting of my dress and she said between 6:30 to 7:00pm

At 6:00pm I called the bride to be to tell her that I was going for the fitting of my dress and just when she picked, I asked her what’s up and she said the seamtress had disappointed her. That she didn’t sow my dress plus my sister’s dress too ??? after paying GHS320, buying hair over GHS500 , shoes, etc… how? So I called the Seamtress again and that was where the whole story came out ..hmm

The Seamtress said the bride to be brought two extra ladies that evening and asked her to give our (myself and sis) dresses that we had paid for to those ladies meaning my school mate had taken us (myself and sister) out of the team without informing us. Now I have no problem. It’s her program, she has the choice but I feel she did not respect me or my sister and she didn’t care what we’ve been through for her so I want a refund of my GHS320 for the dress or I take the dress from the Seamtress..
Am I being too hard???‍♀️

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Written by Abena Magis

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