My Friend Has Broken My Trust After Everything.


Abena, this is a story on trust. So I got posted to the Asante-Akim Central in a small town on the Agogo road. I was finding it difficult preparing and starting my service over there.

I got 300gh from my parents to use for accommodation, I also had 200gh from my aunt.This was the amount I had in total before leaving from my aunt during the Covid era. My first day at my post was when I was going for validation of my forms by the mistress. I met a guy who was going to the same destination as I was, we communicated and we exchanged numbers.

He brought up the idea that I could lodge at his place if I want. I didn’t like the idea but when I went back after the validation, things weren’t well so I lost hope and thought I wouldn’t go for my service anymore. Then boom! I remembered the good Samaritan I met so I called him and told him if only he could help me with what he told me sometime back. Alhamdulillah, he said yes.

I had tossed my mistress on the day I was reporting to the extent I thot she would have cancelled my validation. But Allah being so good she was like someone sent to me by God. It was as if what I was doing wasn’t wrong. Fast foward I came to stay at this friends house. The first few weeks were tough so I depended on him a bit but I did my part as I could. I told him I was staying for a week but stayed there for two until I could access a loan of about Gh2500.

I told him I wanted to rent a room and thank him for what he did. But he suggested it was just a year and we had about 8 months left so why don’t I save the money and stay. We all love to have money don’t we? I agreed and stayed, spent about 100Gh on food and certain items needed in the room. The rest of the 1500 de3 I spent it on some clothes bi and helped my younger bro to get to school. I had 400gh left and used it for keep up.

Now this my friend is a womanizer. Every now and then different girls. I adviced him most of the time but to no avail. Being chaste is I one thing I can boast of. cos throughout my life, I’ve been scared women will be the cause of my downfall. But certain times I get off track but I gain consciousness back easily. After telling me to chill and stay, I used the money for our well being and then the other part set in.

Heerrh nipa yɛ forkin. I’m older than my friend but as the saying goes, “nea ɛwɔ no na ɔdie na ɛnnyɛ nea ɛkɔm de no.” I’ll wait outside when there’s a girl. I have to stay outside till 11 pm sometimes. When I tried advising him when he started he said I was talking to him as if I don’t sin. Ewo nipa mpɛ nnokorɛ. I stopped, and he continued but I stayed outside for lesser hours.

Most of the girls came in when I was teaching in school. You’ll be back and see wrappers of CD’s all over. I had been trying to run out but loan no nti things weren’t fine. Then the night came. We were sleeping late night around 11pm and this girl came looking for him. Ɔbaa foforɔ like the 5th one I’ve seen. And at 11pm my friend told me his gf is in so I should get out. You don’t own a room, what have you got to say? I got out thinking the girl will be out around 2am at least.

Abena, mebɔɔ day no nyinaaa wɔ abɔnten. And I got angry like never b4. I have no place to go though but I let all the things off my chest that day. Hiani a ɔnni kokoɔ. But Abena yɛnka na somethings are just too much. Next morning for him to tell me the girl is in to stay for 3 days. Abena can you imagine? 3hɔ na me hunu sɛ nnipa nnyɛ.

We had one tenant he was very close to. Just for him to tell him he did wrong akoa yi anka hwee, his elder sister too said what she could nanso she was more of like it is his room she can’t dictate for him. Sei sei deɛ I’ll have to perch with his elder brother. But madwene da hɔ tu.

Let me get like 700 and see I’ll rent and get some student mattress sef. Nnipa nnyɛ ampa. He did good tho, but with this how can you remember all the good part. I can’t remember sef. I read messages on your page and it felt like dreams. Wei de3 meaaa mani so.

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