My Friend Doesn’t Want My Boyfriend to Date Me


My name is Ama and I am 26 years. I have been dating this guy for a year now. I met him at church but we did not talk to each other. I was then with my friend, so she aproached him rather.

Two weeks later I did not go to church because I was not feeling well. I was surprised when he called me after church to ask me how I was doing and why I did not attend the service. I never gave my number to him so thought it might be my friend who gave it to him.

To make a whole story short, me and my friend met this guy on the same day at the same time. The guy lost interest in my friend so later on he dated me. My friend had a boyfriend that time and I didn’t, that is why the guy dated me.

When my friend got to know we were now dating, she became jealous and told my boyfriend he shouldn’t date me. Instead, he should date another lady because we are friends. I don’t know why my friend is saying that. It’s been a year since we started dating too.

I don’t know what to to do now, because me and my boyfriend have a bond now. So I don’t know whether to leave him or to keep him. Please is there any advice? Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis

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