My Fiancee’s Best Friend Wants to Marry Me


My name is Gyan and I am totally confused on this issue and need advice.

Around February this year, my fiancee had to visit her village to visit some relatives. During that time, her best friend asked me if she could come and pay me a visit. I agreed to the visit for her to come and stay with me for a few days. I never told my fiancee.

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To make everything short, the best friend and I made out during her visit. After she left, I never heard from her again until last week 15/10/20 when she called me to tell me she is eight months pregnant going to nine. She says the child is mine.

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Auntie Abena can you imagine this lady is telling me that if I don’t marry her, she will tell everyone that I am responsible for the pregnancy? She says for now, she hasn’t told anyone the father of her unborn child. My fiancee also doesn’t know that all these is going on and I don’t know how I’m going to tell her. Auntie Abena please help me because I am confused and don’t know what to do

I don’t want to lose my fiancee too. l love her and really regret cheating on her. She’s the one I want to marry. This best friend of hers is five years older than I am and now forcing me to marry her. Please what should I do?

Written by Abena Magis

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  1. You got what u deserve
    This is nonsense
    Next time keep your penis in check
    Or better still use a protective
    Confess to your fiancee and leave it up to her to decide whether she would forgive u or back out

  2. Don’t mind her. Let her blow the news she is going disgrace herself by sleeping with her friends bf. U too de guy “wopre dodow” why did u allow her to visit u whiles you know u can’t control ur self. By the way wish u well in this ur problem

  3. All will depend on your fiancee. You’ve broken her trust by sleeping with her best friend. That’s gonna be so difficult for her to forgive you.
    Stay praying that her love be bigger than yours.

  4. Wait for the baby to be born. Do a DNA test to prove that you are really the father of the baby. If it turns out to true that you the father or not then inform your finance. Because I smell something fishy.

  5. How the hell will you invite another woman when your honey isn’t around?Huh?
    Firstly, pray a heart felt prayer for forgiveness from God.And request that God should touch your woman’s heart.
    Secondly, go and confess to your finance every detail of how it came about without any LIE.
    Thirdly be bold , pregnancy doesn’t guarantee marriage, however you must be responsible for the both pregnant woman and the unborn child.
    To add to it,it a experience but it should be a great lesson to you never to harbour sin I mean never play with fire.
    But why do you think God said we should flee from sin..
    Our earthly body is very vulnerable to sin…

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