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My Fiancee Turned Me Down Because of My Nature


Good morning. Hope you’re doing good? I met a lady here on your platform. I approached her and she accepted me. We have dated for 7 months and I like every thing about her and I love her too.

Auntie Abena, I took her out and proposed marriage to her but her response was NO. I asked her why she turned me down. Doesn’t she love me? She said she really loves me but is afraid about some things she’s seen in me because marriage is something she doesn’t want to go in and later regret.

I asked her to tell me those things she is taking about and she said I’m a quiet person, I don’t become angry even when she is at fault. That she intentionally insulted me to see my reaction but all I could do was to kiss her and walk away . Again I don’t argue with her to know whatever she is doing is wrong or right .

That I always says yes to everything she does whether good or bad and she was once told that guys like me are wicked and they will show you their character when they get married to you. So that’s her reason of rejecting my marriage proposal .

So house help me to tell my lady that that’s my nature and I’m not gonna change for anything because I love her. I know she is reading because she is a member of this noble platform.

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Written by Abena Magis

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