My Fiancee Made Soldiers Beat Me Up


Good morning. I’m typing this with so much pains all over my body and head. I’m a guy of 30 years who has been with this lady for the past 4 years now. We have a child who is now three years old. When we met, she told me she has no interest in furthering her education hence she wants to do business because she failed to make good grades in her WASSCE and after writing countless NOV-DEC exams.

Fast forward to last year she went back to school to better her result with me footing most of the bills. After she finished with good grades, she started giving me attitudes and became very abusive. She no longer calls me nor cares about me. I tried everything for us to resolve issues with our parents but she refuses to listen to anybody.

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She once insulted the mother because of me. She has told me in the face she no longer loves me but anytime I ask her if she wants us to quit all she says is she doesn’t know. I asked her to inform the parents that she is no more interested in it because I’ve done Knocking hence my refusal to marry her will bring cost on me if I go and tell the parents of my intentions to move on.

Just yesterday I was with her and our kid in her parents house when she started her things again. I told her I’m taking my daughter away with me so I won’t come to her place again because I only come there because of the child.

I took our daughter and parked some of her things to leave but later my fiancee took the clothes out from the bag. I didn’t mind her and the mother and brothers were begging me not to go with the child but I refused.

Auntie Abena, my intentions were not to go with the child. All I wanted was for my fiancee to just come closer and apologise then we’ll be fine but she refused. I took a step out, pretending to take the child away. Her uncle was also talking to me about it when all of a sudden, my lady called an army officer. She said he wanted to speak to me on the phone but I refused because i don’t know him.

Lo and behold two army officers just stormed the house and started slapping me, ordering me to put the child down, hitting my head with their guns and kicking me all around. I asked why were they assaulting me for carrying my own child. I don’t know if he is her boyfriend or what but how can an army officer just come and be slapping me because of my own child? Please is this right? I want your fans to help me push this matter up thank you.
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Written by Abena Magis

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