My Fiancee is Refusing to See Me Because I Traveled

Aunt Abena a very good friend of mine needs help.

He says, “I was supposed to travel to Dubai in 2020. I got duped by an agent and was stranded in Benin until last yeah November when I finally returned back to Ghana. Though I was supposed to travel for 2 years, I was in Benin for almost a year and I can’t just forget all the utterances from my fiancée throughout those times.


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The issue now is that my rent in Accra is due and I’m currently staying with my sister in Volta region. My fiancée has refused to come see me because I’m supposed to be away for 2 years, therefore she wants to imagine I’m not around even though I’m here.

I’m getting fed up and angry because she has decided to see me in June. She has been given leave at work and not even the holidays was spared so we can meet. I need advice.”

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Written by Abena Magis

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