My Fiancee Doesn’t Know About My Daughter


Please I am 33 years and an active member of this page.

Auntie Abena, I met my wife to be at my work place (police station) when she came with her big brother to settle some issues. Her voice was on point and she sounded very wise in all her comments which made me to beg her for her number.

Now the main issue is that it’s difficult to explain to her that I have a child with my ex. This my ex was a lady, I sacrificed my entire life to see her happy. I was living with her and the only mistake I did was to take her to nursing training. That was where the whole issue started, she left me without looking back (she left me to date a Borga (Ghanaian residing outside) I cried myself out and begged her that even if I had offended her but she wasn’t willing to talk to me.

I traveled from Accra to Kumasi but she wasn’t home only to be told she was with her new found love and not willing to talk to me. Every month I was giving her 1200 cedis hmmmm but God being so good after a year I met my wife to be who is a senior officer).

Now my ex has been begging me to take her back which I’m not ready for that but the problem is my wife to-be doesn’t know I have a 4 years old daughter with my ex. She has decided to show up on my wedding day to tell my fiancee the truth. Auntue Abena, I am dying and don’t know how to tell my wife to be even though she has been suspecting. Please I need help. My wedding is in two weeks time.

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Written by Abena Magis

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