My Fiance Shoots Blanks


About the lady dating a pastor and worried about not doing anything before marriage, my advice is she really has to try it before marriage.

I’m 28 years and dating a man of God who is 34 years. We have dated for eight months now and preparing for marriage. He promised me no sex till marriage but somewhere February I got very close to him and we did it. Auntie Abena he released the moment he entered, I thought it’s something normal maybe because he has not been doing it.

But he confessed to me that he is having problems even with his erection and he is on medication that’s why he didn’t want to do anything with me till marriage. For sometime now I tried to engage him in sex for him to be active because he told me that’s happening because he has not been doing it.

My problem is I pranked him on 1st April that I am pregnant. Auntie Abena the joy of the guy really made me very emotional. He then told me doctors told him he can never make babies, so if I am pregnant then is the work of God. I’m very worried now even though he loves me very much and I’m a single mum.

He wanted to marry me one month after we met and came to see my family because he is a man of God and he doesn’t want to date. But I wanted to know him more and told him to give me a year to prepare. Now I am scared we can’t make babies after marriage.

Auntie Abena, let Mano fans advice me. I don’t even know when his thing is going to function well.

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Written by Abena Magis

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