My Fiance Is Holding On To My Money.


Please hide my identity and help me. I’m with this fiancé of mine, when I say fiancé I mean he has come for my list and the date has been set but there is a funeral so it has been postponed.

Madam I used to keep my money with him whiles I was doing my undergraduate studies and part of my National Service pay too, just that I didn’t want to spend it. It amounted to 5000gh cedis. Last 2 years I prompted him I want to take my money, he didn’t mind me. When I said it, he became angry with me for 2 months and then everything became okay.

Now in about a month time he came again begging me to top up with 3000gh cedis I was using to go purchase my laptop for a project and I gave it to him. When I asked him for it, he said in about 3 days he had started the business sk he said he couldnt get it for me. Cos they just opened the restaurant. I asked him again and he has been angry with me for more than a week now.

I know we stay with him, for free: free light, water, food, everythin. He and my father would plan and fix our wedding date when the time is due. But I want to ask, did I do anything wrong to ask for my money? What is the meaning of these his actions? He is a very quick tempered person tho. What do I do about this and are you sure he is not up to sth bad cuz I made him angry for asking for my money?

The 5000gh, I will say, it was 3000gh and during my 3rd year, he paid for my hostel for me, about 1500. So I kept the money my dad gave for my hostel fee and did invest with him (he does investment too) and he also dashed me 500gh.

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