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My Feelings Changed After Finding Out She’s Slept With 2 of My Friends

Good morning Abena. I met this girl that I love so much that I couldn’t wait to meet her parents. We are currently into a very serious relationship and she is already carrying my 7 months baby. I recently found out that she has dated two guys that are in same community with me.


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The worse part of it is that one of the guys is a brother to my closest friend. Since i realized this, my love for her has never been the same. I get angry each time I remember about her past and because of that, the connection I used to feel for isn’t there anymore. She however does not know anything and because of her condition, I don’t want to hurt her.

I have even gone further to secure admission for her in the university and I have already paid her fee. She will be starting school this month and she is so excited about that but frankly, my mind now is to breakup with her after delivery. I however will support her in taking care of the child. I don’t think I’m still in love with her as I don’t even feel proud of her anymore and can’t hold her hand in town. My dream to wed her has faded out because I attend the same church with her ex. Kindly post this for me and keep my identity unknown. I will be reading the comments.

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Written by Abena Magis

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