My Father Isn’t Being Supportive.


Hello Aunty, I just saw a post of a 20 yr old girl from a broken home who is finding it difficult to even continue her tertiary. Hmmm, I’m going through a similar thing. I’m 20 too but not yet in school. I completed school at 16 and I have been trying to get my Math till date, still failing.

I know I’m still young and can still make the school thing but I’m confused.Initially, I told myself should I fail this last one, its either I work or turn to technical schools. My old boy is not in favour of any of these, i don’t know why. I managed to get two jobs; all of them he asked me not to go. And as a good child, I have to listen. He wants me to try writing the Maths again.

Hmmm aunty as at now all motivation to take the exam again is gone but I was wiling to if he lets me work then when its almost time for the exam, I either quit or seek permission.This man said no. This evening, I got a job offer. He has forbidden me in sending my CV and Application Letter tomorrow. This same person has not even made an attempt to get me a teacher or a school to start preparing for the exams. He doesn’t even have the money for it now. He’s building and it has drained him completely.

All I want is to make some money and start a business. I’m so stressed here. Please I need the advice of your fellow fans and yh, all these caused me to run from… you know, to clear my head but they are rather angry at me. This has made my situation worse. I dnt know what to do anymore. Sorry for the long post.

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