My Experience With a Serial Cheater

After numerous heartbreaks in the previous years, I got into contact with one lady I once approached some time ago but was turned down due to the fact that she was in a relationship.

Last year in February, I met her and tabled the same agenda before her and in two months time, I had a “Yes” response from her. I asked that I meet her parents so she meets mine as well. It happened and we got along. She’s a student so when it was time for her to go to school after the vacation was over, I didn’t shirk my responsibility as “a boyfriend.” She left and she returned.

Through our convo, she confessed that she was lured by one of her male friends on campus and they kissed but it didn’t go beyond that. I forgave her and asked that she becomes careful since she’s pretty and intelligent and “most men” would love to have her. She apologized and I felt since she was sorry for her act I should let it go. School resumed again and she left.

When she returned again on break, I probed her and it was obvious she repeated what she did while on campus the previous semester but this time with a different person now. I began to lose the trust I had for her but well, I still gave her the benefit of the doubt.

This time round, the vacation was quite long so I asked that she visits her auntie in Accra and help her in her restaurant. At least she could get something from there so that I add what I have when school resumes. Before she would leave, I warned her sternly about sharing her contacts especially, to the opposite sex. But all fell on death ears.

At least, i could notice about 30 more male contacts on her handset when she returned. She left and spent 3 months on campus. Upon her return, I mean that very night she came, an unknown number called her and as soon as she answered, the person asked “so you dawg me?” She immediately hung the call up so I asked her to call the number again.

She did but the person didn’t answer so I interrogated her throughout that night. She revealed that truly she knew the guy a long time ago and that though he’s never proposed to her, they do have “naughty” talks. She is also aware the guy has a baby and his baby mama lives with him.

Then it was another confession time.
She confessed that she went to have a lot of fun with the guy during the time I was at home thinking of how to get her stuff for school. She lied to me about her location just to be able to go to the guy’s home.
I called the guy and what he told me broke me down. He said he never sent her to his home but that they went to a hotel. When I asked how long they have known each other, he told me it’s been a while but for him, the lady knows he has a woman and so they only had fun.

As if that wasn’t enough, I had a little problem with my car so I traveled to go and get it worked on. I left early in the morning while my girlfriend was at home with my cousin. She was calling me consistently to check where I had gotten to when I said I was returning. My cousin also never called to tell me anything.

When I came home, my woman told me she went out to take a stroll. I later found out that one of her exes is staying around my area and she went to visit him which is why she kept calling me. I asked what transpired between them when they got there and she said the guy wanted to have sex with her but she denied him.

I lost interest in her at once and want to let go of her but don’t even know how to break this to either of our parents.
I’m confused..I need your audience to advise me on this issue.

I’m really down seriously! I even had an accident with my car last night because I’m just frustrated but thanks to God I didn’t get hurt🥺🥺 Some ladies erhhh! Hmmm.

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Written by Abena Magis

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