My Ex Won’t Let Me Be


Good Evening. There is something going on. I don’t understand. I am dating a certain girl in Volta region and all of a sudden we broke up because her mother wouldn’t allow us to be. It’s been over 5 years now since she moved on. She is dating but I am not dating because I still love her a lot. We didn’t have sex when we dating.

One day, I was there when she requested my number from my uncle. My uncle told me about it and I collected her number from him. I called her and we talked a lot that day. I asked her why she wanted to speak with me only for me to hear that she’d missed me and I asked her how?,l She told me she just heard my voice in her brain so she decided to call me but she missed me a lot that day. I was very much confused and didn’t know what to do!

I stay at Accra and she stays in the Volta Region. We kept on talking. Meanwhile she is dating ooh ?? Hmmm, I traveled to Volta to visit and as I’m typing now, I am there ???. One day I created a fight between me and her just because I wanted her to forget about me in her life. She later told me she is even married so she doesn’t want me ?????

But Auntie Abena if this girl doesn’t see me or call me, she won’t be okay unless she call me ??? I don’t know what to even do now. Please help me guys.
Sorry for the long post ???

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Written by Abena Magis

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