My Ex Wants A ComeBack and My Current Isn’t Giving Me Peace Of Mind.


Hi Abena, I need someone to talk to and share my emotional problem with, please keep my Identity private.

I met a girl on social media in 2017, we developed love for each other and I proposed to her and she accepted it but beyond two to three months her behavior towards me has changed and I questioned her about it, She wasn’t straight to tell me the problem, things kept on like that until one she told me that her family hasn’t accepted our union because of my tribe so she can’t continue the relationship with me anymore.

I asked her so why can’t we fight for our love; she responded that she can’t whip them if they’re against the relationship. I was hurt within, couldn’t pick up her calls for some weeks and lastly I picked the call and she said we should be friends instead, it was hard for me by then but accepted to be friends.

One and half years later I got someone into my life and there I began to see changes in my ex-girl, now friend showing some affections. That got me troubled for some time and I needed to let her know that I’m in a relationship with another lady, the day I told her, she was like, she was testing me to see if I’m real. I even explained everything to my new girlfriend so she also was aware of what’s going on between us.

But as time went by, my new girlfriend also became insecure fighting me because of same girl coz of how we do talk on phone. My ex by then picked another guy because of these issues. In all, I let my woman know that I don’t have anything doing with her but she was still fighting me. It kept on like that for long. My woman is not giving me peace of mind, therefore I decided to talk to my ex to come back. Then I wanted to break up with my current girlfriend because of the problems she was giving me.

That is where I realized she is pregnant and because of all the problems, she had a miscarriage and I talked to her to change her attitude and she agreed. We made plans to move forward, the same problems started again and I made up my mind that sake of her character, I will give my ex chance, that one even worsened the case.

Right now, all my problem came when I was about to break up with her, she got pregnant again and I couldn’t let my ex who I lied to know that I and my girlfriend have broken up so we should continue with our relationship. The girl(my ex) also became suspicious and decided to give me a surprise visit, unfortunately my pregnant girl who I decided to break up with before I realized she is pregnant also came to visit. I explained everything to both of them but I came to realize that I got everything wrong.

I am frustrated and need someone to share this my case with. I can’t type and narrate all what happened but I think this few is okay.

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