My Ex Stole My Sardines and Oil


Good morning. Please post this for me

A lady I was dating visited me sometime ago and couldn’t find her watch even after searching for it. So I told her that I will do a thorough search afterwards and send it to her. I believed the watch can’t get lost in the room where just the two of us were in. I searched and searched but couldn’t find it. Even when I was relocating from that place and packing my stuffs out I still couldn’t find it.

Now to the main story, she and I ended up breaking up over some issues and she somehow left her hand bag at my place. I have not been able to send it to her though I’ve every intention of sending it to her. I left it intact as I do not touch people’s belongings.

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After almost two years today, I was cleaning my room and remembered the watch she lost so I thought of checking through her bag just in case. Auntie Abena, I was surprised to find one tinned fish, 2 sardines, 1 bottle of frytol oil, 1 tinned tomatoes and to my utter surprise 1 small sachet of salt ooo under her dresses in the bag.

Well, I wouldn’t say she stole them but she could have ask for them or take it freely because she has not stolen any of my items before. I always buy those stuffs in abundance and give it out on occasions. I’m just shocked at this. Are there other guys who have experienced this same thing?

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Written by Abena Magis

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