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My Ex Shows Up Everytime I’m With Someone

3 years ago, I met this girl on my way to town and took her contact. We talked for 3 weeks before she visited me and we did the thing that day. She called later feeling cheap but I told her not to feel that way because I’m serious. Though I had a serious girlfriend I wanted to marry, this girl was sweet in bed and I didn’t want to lose this chance.

6 months later, she came to visit and clashed with my serious woman. She didn’t fight her or anything but asked me if my serious woman and I have something doing. I told her yes but I can explain. She always told me she’s an orphan and doesn’t have anyone so I’m her mother, father, sister, brother, everything. When I told her I’m serious about my woman she left and called that evening about forgiving me because she doesn’t want to lose me. My serious woman didn’t forgive me for almost 5 months but this lady moved on with me. When my serious woman and I reconciled, she excused me when my woman was coming to visit me.


Did I Make a Blood Covenant with a Ghost?

My best friend one day asked me why this girl only visits me in the evenings. Aunt Abena this girl comes to wait for me to come home by 7pm and leaves around 5am. I don’t know where she stays though she’s told me but says it’s a family house and she doesn’t want them to put all her bills on me when they get to know me. I’m scared she’s something…but I keep trying to break up with her and she’s still hanging around.

I tried dating some girl in church but this lady will come and make noise at the door that I’ve a serious woman. The girl stopped coming. I got one nice lady from the States I took to a hotel. One day, she wanted to see where I live. I brought her over after work and the lady came to make noise that I’m married to her this and that, making the US lady go.

I have never hit a woman in my life but this girl is really threatening my peace. I’ve no plans to marry her but she’s started bringing her things that she wants to stay. My friend says if she’s a ghost I can’t sack her unless she wants to leave on her own accord. I’m really tired of this lady. What can I do?

My serious lady and I are not like at first so I could have considered the lady. She’s very caring, serviceable and neat, it’s her jealous behaviour which I don’t like. We’re not in a relationship but she doesn’t understand it. Any help please. I’ll read the comments.

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Written by Abena Magis

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