My Ex Made Her Guy Steal My IPhone


On people snatching phones nu, my then girlfriend (now my ex) told her boyfriend (she was cheating on me) about my iPhone 7 at that time. She told him the Spot (eatery) I was taking her to.

We got there and left after 1am and nigga came there with another guy. He was holding what I suspected was a toy gun but the slaps alone made me give it up together with all my cash in my wallet.

We had issues but I never suspected she was the one who told him though I caught her cheating with him which led to our break up. It was last year I got to know after a friend sent me a screenshot of a comment my ex made in a confessions group about how she regrets making that ex of hers take my phone. She said she did that because she asked me for money and I didn’t give to her.

I sent her the screenshots and for 2 weeks, she didn’t say anything. She finally called and apologized for doing that. I asked her why she did it because it means she was going out with an armed robber but was still taking money from me to pay her school fees, hostel fees and everything including the clothes she was wearing.

I bought the iPhone because my old phone got spoilt. When she asked me for the money, I didn’t tell her I won’t give her but her reason for asking me for GHS3000 to buy a new phone when I’d bought one for her less than 6 months ago wasn’t important to me. She’s now asking for us to come back but I can’t take back a cheating girlfriend who did that to me.

Advice to guys: not every girl can be trusted. My friends warned me about her but I didn’t listen.

Written by Abena Magis

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