My Ex Girlfriend’s Wedding


This is just a quick one. I am a photographer and my ex is getting married this weekend. She called my mum to invite her and my mum called me. After she told me of the invite, I called my ex personally and told her because of what she did for me during our time of enjoyment, I would love to come to the ceremony with my boys to give her a free photography- from videos to pictures, edit them and give her frame for free. She agreed.

Just yesterday, she called to tell me that if I am happy for her that she is getting married then I shouldn’t come. So I asked her why and she said her guy overheard her talking to me and said if I will come, then he is not ready for this marriage so she should come back to me. Meaning they were dating before I met her in school.

They called a different photographer instead but didn’t know he is one of my boys. My boy called me to tell me about the job. I asked of the location and a flyer of the ceremony and it was them. Please what should I do? The equipment my boy is using are my stuff and he is not that perfect, should I allow them to go without me and risk my equipment or forbid them from going?

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Written by Abena Magis

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