My Ex Didn’t Tell Me She Was Bi


Just saw your post on the LGBT thing. Good afternoon. I once dated a girl who was bisexual. When I found out she kept telling me she’s not a lesbian.

This is how I found out, I visited her one day hoping to surprise her but I got surprised. She had a “friend” over and I saw them kissing. On the low though, I thought it was sexy. I entered and they both looked afraid. They both offered to sleep with me so I don’t tell on them. I laughed considering I was already sleeping with my girlfriend so what will sleeping with her do again?

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Anyway, we broke up along the line because I felt insecure around her. This “friend” was always around her and for me I could not could. Interestingly both of them are born one oo so if you see them you would think their friendship is because of a common pain. According to my ex, they actually began in SHS. I feel sad for them though.

This as an aside, I just found out that my ex’s “friend” has had a second child and the baby’s father is planning on marrying her mid year at the Christening of their baby. I pity him knowing her best friend is actually his rival. I know without asking that you will keep me anonymous.

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Written by Abena Magis

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