My Dad Knew She’s My Sister


I’m being told to have a forgiving spirit over what’s happening in my family now. I’m to forgive and forget but I’m so hurt that a father I so respected will do this.

My dad brought her into the family when I was 8. She was around 13 then. She was our house girl but my nanny as well. Mum really took care of this girl and treated her like family.

When I was 14 years, we started playing dirty games. She’s the type to always wrap a towel around her and I’ll chase her. When the towel drops, I’ll touch her buttocks or nipples and run away. Then she’ll chase me. From there we graduated to touches. She broke my virginity when I was 16.

Dad was by then an open womanizer. He used to do a lot in secret but he was now bringing his girlfriends home. This ended in lots of quarrels between him and mum. My nanny/girlfriend was always there for me.

Fast forward, she went to learn hairdressing and was given accommodation. I missed her so much that I’ll go and spend the weekend with her. Mum had by then traveled and this man was moving his girls to the house for weeks. He’ll call, I’ll tell him I’m with the former nanny and he’ll say ok.

She met someone last year who wants to marry her but we’re seriously in love. I would do anything for her but we were confused looking at the age difference and if my parents would agree. I called mum and she said she doesn’t mind because she’s 2 years older than dad.

When I told my dad 2 weeks ago, he went quiet and asked me to come home. Due to work I wasn’t able to go until yesterday. He first of all listened to me then he said he knew there was more between us but thought it’s just a brother and sister thing. I told him yes, she was like a big sister but from my teen time she’s been the only girl in my life.

Dad looked at me and said, “she’s your half-sister. I had her with my ex but she died. That’s why I went for her from her grandmother but didn’t tell anyone because your mum wouldn’t have agreed. The girl herself wasn’t told I’m the dad because I didn’t want anyone to suspect anything.”

Auntie Abena my sister is pregnant with my baby! He was telling me to forgive him for not telling the whole truth but he’s destroyed my life! He’s begging me not to tell my sister and force her to abort. My mum suffered a stroke some months ago and we’re scared what the news will do to her.

I’m so confused right now. I can’t forgive him for what he’s done. Have been home all day today crying because I’m confused. I really love her. I think I’m going out of my mind

He’s been referred to a psychologist.

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Written by Abena Magis

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One Comment

  1. Family, Duty, Honor.
    She’s FAMILY, and if you don’t have her interest, who will?
    What is love if she’s in the dark.

    No mother, no father (her knowledge)
    Raised by her own biological father as foster, half brother as Husband to bee.

    Please tell her the truth

    Aborting NO.
    What if it’s the only baby she will get, maybe her dream twins, or something goes wrong with her fertility after that.

    If you don’t tell her today, you will look over your shoulders the rest of your life, even with another woman knowing what you put your SISTER through

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