My Cousin Slept With a Pregnant Woman, My Sister


Good evening.
About the guys who sleep with pregnant women no eh, this happened to my big sister and today today we talked about it when I saw the thing on your page.

My half sister’s mind aka kakra (her mind isn’t fully grown) and she behaves like a child though she’s 38 now. She got pregnant for a man we warned her never to talk to him because he’s married but he somehow convinced my big sis and had sex with her. When she became pregnant it led to a serious case because her mother accused my mother and father for not taking care of her.

Some of my aunts and their kids (my cousins) came to stay with us just to find a solution to it because the man who was responsible, his wife was creating all sorts of problems after seeing the pregnancy progressing.

My mum says she was asleep one night when she heard my half sister shouting, “ohhh.” She got up and didn’t hear anything after she switched on the light. She switched it off but she couldn’t sleep because something told her to go out and see what was happening.

Auntie Abena, she came out from the back to the front and one of my cousins, the one who makes himself like an angel in the whole family was giving my half sister serious doggie on the verandah. She shouted and my cousin begged her to stop but mum still screamed and we all came out to see him wearing boxers and shirt, holding his jeans in his hands. My half sister was sitting on the ground holding her ears from the shouting, nkɔlasɛm (childish).

It’s an abomination to sleep with a pregnant woman and those who do that normally take it for juju. He said it’s not for juju but doesn’t know what came on him to do it. Auntie Abena hmm the news went round so the man who got her pregnant now came out to say the pregnancy wasn’t his but we wanted to use him by claiming he’s responsible. A whole lot of shiiiii
Sometimes these things happen and you just want to beat up people but there was nothing we could except DNA.

My sister gave birth and DNA showed my cousin wasn’t the father but the man refused to come and do it. He said he doesn’t trust us because we were desperate. Auntie Abena, my niece is 8 years and if you see her you’ll shock. The things Maame can say, even a grown up will be scared and she’s very brilliant in school too.

As for that my cousin, he’s still single because people know he slept with a pregnant woman and the girls don’t want him because of that. But he takes care of the girl like his own daughter.

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Written by Abena Magis

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