My Business Partner is Married but Wants to Marry Me


Trust you are well with your fans. Please help me share this story with your fans and help me take a bold decision.

Auntie Abena, I’ve been single for almost 7 years after my first relationship broke due to emotional abuse. I had a son out of that and he is 9 years now.

Though I’ve been meeting a lot of men, they’re mostly in for sex and stuff. Others too are not ready settle down so I’m minding my own business.

So I have this Facebook friend (a male). We’ve been friends for almost 3 years and he was out of the country most of our friendship days. Before he came down, we had discussed about a business and he send me an amount of GHS5000 cedis to begin it. He had then not set eyes me but I did all he wanted, kept receipts and sent him screenshots. I made him speak with those involved in the business too.

He finally came down without hinting me and called me to meet him. God being so good, all is well and we are about to start production and delivery. In fact he made me aware that he doesn’t trust any of his families so all document are with me and I’ve also forwarded copies of those messages to my elder sister for future sake.

Manofans, my worries now are that. Before he came down, I asked him about marriage and he told me he was married with children. I decided to see him as my Boss only and not to take any advantage of that.

I was just focusing on the business but when he came down, he told me he is single and free. He even took me to his family house, gave me a room to sleep and left me with them before he came for me the following day.

He has also visited me twice in my region where the business is but he still hasn’t mentioned his wife oo. He mostly calls me late at night for us to have a video call. He has a friend he is always moving about with still no hint of a wife.

I last asked him again about the wife but he said she was engaged somewhere and refused to be specific.

Please he has indirectly proposed but I’ve turned deaf ears until I hear from the other side because I don’t want to accept him and later regret it if he is still with the wife.

Manofans, please should I keep quiet and do the business? He has actually entrusted everything in my hands and so people know me now as the owner but he is the actual owner.

As a God fearing lady, I don’t want to tarnish my image between him and the unknown wife.
Please advice me on what to do because he is a kind person and I’m afraid accepting another person now might trigger war. Though I’m single and searching I’m not desperate.

I see him as a good man but I don’t know how to go about asking him again because I believe he might see me as an opportunist.

My question now is, how many men can take such risks these days without meeting the person face to face? And if so  why can’t he set the ball rolling rather than beating about the bush?

Manofans, I’m also afraid of being a side chick because I don’t want to hide my man and I need my own husband so what should I do?

Thank you all Manofans 

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Written by Abena Magis

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