My Brother Is Ruining His Life.


Aunty Abena, kindly post this for me. Keep me anonymous. Thanks.

I’m the eldest of four children. The youngest one has been a headache in our family. Upon all the advise we’ve given him he hasn’t changed a bit. He likes womanizing a lot. He got a girl pregnant when he was 16 years in SHS and my Dad has been the one sending the baby money monthly (the baby Mama was 15 years then)

Now, my brother is 21 years in his first year in one of the public Universities. He has a girlfriend he is seeing. My dad has been meeting this girl in his room (hostel): (my Dad owns the hostel so he goes there often.) He warned the girl twice to stay away from my brother. Because, In case there should be a pregnancy, he can’t take care of it since he’s a student and he my dad won’t take up that useless responsibilities. But still he goes to meet this girl there even after explaining to the girl that my bro had a child while in SHS and it’s him my dad who is taking care of the child…

Aunty Abena, last week, this girl and her parents came to our house unexpectedly that he is pregnant for my bro. My Dad told them that he WILL NEVER take that responsibility since he knew my bro is a student and went ahead to sleep with him upon all the warning he gave her. The girl’s family is saying that my Dad is very wicked bla bla bla.

Now, my dad wants my bro to drop out of school so he’ll use his school fees and upkeep money to take care of the girl or better still he should look for a job to cater for his two children.

Manofans, pls advise us on what to do since the stupidity of my bro has brought a lot of shame to our family…. Thank u.

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