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My Brother In-law Masturbates In Front of Me

My sister has been married for 18 months and auntie Abena, she’s been sick all through out from 3 pregnancies. She’s miscarried twice but this pregnancy has lasted almost 7 months so we have been praying she gives birth.

She’s currently not able to eat except for small banku with pepper and is always very weak. I came to stay with them in October to help around the house and with the things she sells because she sells diapers in wholesale. Her husband used to be someone I really respected because of the love and respect he shows towards my sister but what he’s been doing nowadays has removed all the good thoughts from my mind.

I came home from the shop one night to meet the room dark with no lights but there was light in my sister’s room. I switched on the light and this man was sitting and holding his p*nis. This was a shock to me and I quickly rushed to the washroom, I came back and he was still holding his p*nis, massaging and making those sounds. I was very embarrassed and went to my room. I came out later and he was gone.

The following day when I saw him, I thought he’ll feel some way or maybe apologize for it but he didn’t say anything or behave in any way. The following week I was watching TV and he came to sit. Some love scenes showed and this man removed his p*nis and he told me to watch it because he loves it when I watch him. When I stood up, this man told me if I want him to sack his wife I should continue because for almost 7 months he hasn’t had sex and I don’t want him to be happy.

He said a whole lot including all the things he’s been doing for my family which he’ll stop if I don’t watch him. That’s all he wants me to be doing. To be watching him masturbating and when he’s done he’ll go to their room. I want to tell my sister but don’t know how she’ll react. My parents are the very bugabuga type so when they descend on him there will be trouble but this man has been there for my sister and I don’t know how to solve this. Any advice will help.

I forgot this one: when I wasn’t here my sister told him they should get a maid and he asked her, “aren’t you scared that a maid will snatch me away from you?” Because of this my sister doesn’t want to hear anything about a maid.

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Written by Abena Magis

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